First impressions count and with EntrySign visitors receive a warm, personalised welcome from the moment they are pre-booked to arriving on-site.

Safe, Secure & Compliant Visitor Management

EntrySign revolutionises how you welcome people to your building, giving you the tools to manage your staff, visitors and other healthcare professionals. With EntrySign people visiting your site can sign in and out in a variety of ways including, touch-free, secure QR codes and RFID, capturing all the information you need for real-time reporting.

Perfect for:


Medical Centres & Surgeries

Residential & Care Homes




Features and Functionality

  • Real-time data
  • Time-sensitive QR codes
  • Custom questions
  • Visitor and contractor screening
  • Display policies
  • GDPR compliance
  • Automatic data housekeeping
  • Health and safety policies
  • Instant fire evacuation
  • Documentation tracking (DBS, MS, RA)
  • Date tracking
  • Touch-free sign-in
  • Vaccine verification
  • Smart automatic sanitising
  • Rapid temperature checking
  • Building capacity limits
  • Staggered arrival intervals
  • Contact tracing
  • Active Directory
  • Time and attendance/HR systems
  • Door access control
  • Rest API for 3rd-party
  • HTTP webhooks
  • Visitor and contractor pre-booking
  • Confirmation emails
  • Custom attachments
  • Visitor arrival notifications (email/SMS)
  • Bespoke front screen design
  • Optional kiosk branding
  • Language options

Why choose EntrySign?

  • Safe & Secure
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Cost-Effective
  • Intuitive Design
  • Easily Scalable
  • Smart & Stylish

Strengthen Security

An Extra Layer of Protection

Quickly see an overview of everyone who is in, or has left your facilities at any moment in time with instant real-time data and reporting. For an extra layer of protection, EntrySign can be configured to ask visitors one or a series of custom security questions before they can proceed with their visit.

EntrySign can generate secure, time-sensitive QR codes for signing in, which can be emailed along with their pre-booking confirmation. QR codes automatically renew and can be set to expire at a specified time, preventing any additional security risk.

Safety & Security

Improve Compliance Across your Organisation

EntrySign has been designed with a range of customisable features to help your healthcare facility comply with a variety of legislation, such as ISO27001.

During the sign-in process, EntrySign can display policies for visitors to agree to and can also show warning messages, notifications and send alerts. To help with GDPR compliance, EntrySign automatically administers visitor and contractor information. When GDPR strict mode is enabled, EntrySign can be set to sanitise your data if required.


Better Compliance

Enhance Health and Safety

Greater Protection & Procedures

Display multiple policies or notices for visitors to read when signing in to your practice. Visitor, contractor, health screening and PPE policies can be tailored for who is signing in and can even display fire evacuation plans, or photos of key personnel. When sounding your fire alarm, EntrySign will print a fire evacuation report to a designated printer(s) automatically. Evacuation reports can also be emailed to allocated staff members, or accessed via the EntrySign Live web app.

Link important documents, such as method statements and risk assessments to staff. The system will automatically track the expiry dates and notify you accordingly.

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Touch-Free Sign-In

When ad-hoc visitors or contractors arrive, they can scan a QR code using their own device to sign in touch-free.

Temperature Screening

Quickly and easily check staff, healthcare professionals and visitors for elevated body temperature during sign-in.

Smart Sanitiser

Recommend, or even mandate hand sanitising as part of the sign-in or out process with the smart automatic sanitiser integration.

iPad showing EntrySign's building capacity limit feature

Capacity Management

Monitor and enforce limits to the number of people permitted in your building and minimise congestion by staggering arrival times automatically.

Integrations for a Seamless Experience

EntrySign’s API allows data to be pushed and pulled to/from EntrySign safely. Typical applications include HR and payroll systems, event management and registration applications and integration with corporate intranets.

EntrySign can also directly integrate with most existing RFID technologies, including Paxton Net2 and STANLEY door access control. Active Directory support provides easy integration with existing domains for reduced admin and single sign-on capability.


Easy Integrations

Smart Visitor Management

A Professional and Personalised Welcome

From visitors receiving their pre-booking email with all the necessary details and directions, to them arriving at your reception and signing in, they will receive a professional and personalised welcome.

Front screen designs are uniquely crafted by our experienced graphic designers, with your logo, colour scheme, font style and custom background/theme. EntrySign kiosks can also be customised with your branding and are available in a variety of colours.

Professional & Personalised

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