Quick and easy staff, visitor and contractor sign in and out with self-service touchscreens and contact-free options.

Safe, Secure & Compliant Visitor Management

EntrySign is trusted by many industrial businesses, providing efficient, reliable and secure staff sign-in and visitor management. Access a live view of exactly who is on-site and create reports instantly. Enhance health and safety, increase security, improve compliance, and set a great impression on staff, visitors and contractors.

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Features and Functionality

  • Real-time data
  • Time-sensitive QR codes
  • Custom questions
  • Visitor and contractor screening
  • Display policies
  • GDPR compliance
  • Automatic data housekeeping
  • Health and safety policies
  • Instant fire evacuation
  • Documentation tracking (MS, RA)
  • Date tracking
  • Touch-free sign-in
  • Vaccine verification
  • Smart automatic sanitising
  • Rapid temperature checking
  • Building capacity limits
  • Staggered arrival intervals
  • Contact tracing
  • Active Directory
  • Time and attendance/HR systems
  • Door access control
  • Rest API for 3rd-party
  • HTTP webhooks
  • Visitor and contractor pre-booking
  • Confirmation emails
  • Custom attachments
  • Visitor arrival notifications (email/SMS)
  • Bespoke front screen design
  • Optional kiosk branding
  • Language options

Why choose EntrySign?

  • Safe & Secure
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Cost-Effective
  • Intuitive Design
  • Easily Scalable
  • Smart & Stylish

Strengthen Security

An Extra Layer of Defence

EntrySign ensures that every person entering your premises is adequately screened providing additional security. Collect their details, take a photo and even capture their signature. Other important information, such as who they are visiting and when can also be recorded.

Require visitors to read and accept your policies and make declarations as needed. The data collected can be recalled on-demand with instant real-time views and reports. Identify, or deny entry to people as required, by screening visitors against a built-in blacklist.

Safety & Security

Improve Compliance Across your Organisation

Complying with data protection legislation, such as the GDPR is made easier with EntrySign. When people sign in, EntrySign can inform them about what information is collected, the reason and lawful basis, retention periods and information relating to your organisation’s data processing policies.

EntrySign can also ask visitors if they consent to their data being stored and when GDPR strict mode is enabled, can erase certain data fields automatically when they sign out.


Better Compliance

Enhance Health and Safety

Greater Protection & Procedures

Always be prepared if an emergency situation occurs. EntrySign’s rapid one-click evacuation reports provide you with a real-time list of everyone who is on-site.

Your evacuation roll can be automatically emailed, sent to print, or viewed online using the EntrySign Live web app. Easily accessible on any mobile or tablet device with 4G or WiFi connectivity. EntrySign can also interface with fire alarm systems to automate the fire evacuation report.

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Touch-Free Sign-In

When impromptu visitors or contractors arrive, they scan a QR code using their own device to sign in touch-free. No app install or pre-booking is required.

Temperature Screening

Screen staff, visitors and contractors for elevated body temperature and deny access if required. Record results for future reference or auditing purposes.

Smart Sanitiser

Recommend or even mandate hand sanitising as part of the sign-in and departure process. Our smart sanitiser connects to your EntrySign screen and saves usage records.

iPad showing EntrySign's building capacity limit feature

Capacity Management

Monitor and enforce limits to the number of people permitted on-site and minimise congestion by staggering arrival times automatically when pre-booking visitors.

Integrations for a Seamless Experience

EntrySign has a range of integration options to streamline your systems, improving efficiency and automating manual processes. Integrations include HR and payroll systems, door access control solutions, such as Paxton and Stanley and much more.

Active Directory (AD) integration simplifies the administration of your staff and personnel and keeps EntrySign up-to-date with any changes. EntrySign’s restful API allows you to write and integrate your own applications to work with EntrySign.


Easy Integrations

Smart Visitor Management

Your EntrySign, Your Way

EntrySign makes the visitor experience as smooth and seamless as possible, from the moment they receive their pre-booking email with directions, iCal attachment and more, to signing in at your reception and receiving their printed badge.

Home screen designs are uniquely crafted by our experienced graphic designers. Further customisation options include screen styling options, branded kiosks and custom ID card design.

Professional & Personalised

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