EntrySign has been chosen by thousands of education establishments throughout the world as their preferred sign-in solution to safeguard their staff, students and visitors.

Sign In, Secure & Safeguard your School

Update your sign-in process with EntrySign, a smart and contemporary sign in system for schools, colleges, MATs and universities. Everyone who visits your premises can sign in and out in seconds, all while capturing the information you need for safeguarding and reporting purposes. Current and historical data can be viewed on-demand and in real-time.

Perfect for:


Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Colleges and

Multi-Academy Trusts

Special Schools and PRUs

Features and Functionality

  • Real-time data
  • Time-sensitive QR codes
  • Custom questions
  • Visitor and contractor screening
  • Display policies
  • GDPR compliance
  • Automatic data housekeeping
  • Health and safety policies
  • Instant fire evacuation
  • Documentation tracking (DBS, MS, RA)
  • Date tracking
  • Touch-free sign-in
  • Smart automatic sanitising
  • Rapid temperature checking
  • Building capacity limits
  • Staggered arrival intervals
  • Contact tracing
  • MIS integration
  • Active Directory
  • Time and attendance/HR systems
  • Door access control
  • Rest API for 3rd-party
  • HTTP webhooks
  • Visitor and contractor pre-booking
  • Confirmation emails
  • Custom attachments
  • Visitor arrival notifications (email/SMS)
  • Bespoke home screen design
  • Optional kiosk branding
  • Language options

Why choose EntrySign?

  • Improve Safety
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Cost-Effective
  • Intuitive Design
  • MAT Features
  • Smart & Stylish

Better Safeguarding

Protecting your School Community

The safety and security of your staff, pupils and visitors is paramount and part of this is knowing exactly who is on your premises at all times. EntrySign provides a live view of who is currently on-site and a report of who has visited at a moment’s notice.

When pupils arrive late, EntrySign can automatically send their information and late mark to your MIS system, helping to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Safety & Security

Meet Rules and Regulations Easier

EntrySign collects all of the necessary information in an open and informed way, while providing a host of data management features to help fulfil your compliance obligations. If the basis for collecting data is consent, then EntrySign can automatically sanitise data so only essential information is retained.

During sign-in display a range of policies, such as school conduct, data processing and safeguarding, for visitors to read when signing in. Policies can be tailored to include important information, images and photos of key members of staff.


Improve Compliance

Enforcing Health and Safety

Easy and Automated Evacuation Reports

When an emergency situation occurs, EntrySign Live ensures everyone can be accounted for. One-click reports can be relayed to multiple printers and email addresses. EntrySign can also be integrated with fire alarm systems to automatically print fire evacuation reports in the event of an emergency.

Running real-time reports is quick and easy, with simple tools to find the information you need. Important documents, such as DBS checks and risk assessments can be linked to staff and visitors and the system will automatically track expiry dates and notify you accordingly.

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Touch-Free Sign-In

When ad-hoc visitors or contractors arrive, they can scan a QR code using their own device to sign in touch-free.

Temperature Screening

Quickly and easily check staff, visitors and contractors for elevated body temperature during sign-in.

Smart Sanitiser

Recommend, or even mandate hand sanitising as part of the sign-in or out process with the smart automatic sanitiser integration.

iPad showing EntrySign's building capacity limit feature

Capacity Management

Monitor and enforce limits to the number of people permitted in your school, college, or university and minimise congestion by staggering arrival times automatically.

Synchronise your Systems with EntrySign

EntrySign integrates with all popular MIS systems, automating the import of staff and students on-roll, reducing administration and saving time and money. EntrySign can also write back session attendance marks, determining the correct mark to write and calculating minutes late where required. When students arrive late or leave the school premises after registration, EntrySign records these movements, ensuring they are accurately reflected in your evacuation roll call.

EntrySign works with most existing RFID technologies, including Paxton Net2, Stanley and most other door access control systems. Active Directory support provides easy integration with existing domains for reduced admin and single sign-on capability.


Seamless Integrations

Smart Visitor Management

The Modern Way to Manage Visitors

Provide a professional welcome for visitors to your school, college, or university with a sleek and modern visitor sign-in system. Pre-booking emails can be tailored to suit your school image and the sign-in process can be customised with your own questions, policies and entry requirements.

Our in-house graphic designers will create a bespoke home screen design, displaying your school logo, colours and theme. EntrySign kiosks can also be customised with your school logo and are available in a choice of colours.

Professional & Personalised

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