With over a decade of development, EntrySign boasts a whole host of quality features and integrations and we are always creating more.

Top Tools for Managing your People

EntrySign has an ever-growing collection of easy-to-use features, tools and integrations to streamline your sign-in process and help with managing your people.

Sign In Options

Data Reporting

Pre-book Visitors

Health, Safety & Compliance


Custom Design

Infection Control



Touch-Free Sign-In

Using our touch-free sign-in feature, visitors can enter their details and sign in to your system using their device, completely contact-free. No apps, no having to join wireless networks, just a simple, fast and safe sign-in experience.

Flexible Sign-In Options

Individuals known to the system, such as staff and authorised visitors can sign in and out quickly and easily in a variety of ways, including with a secure QR code, RFID cards and tokens, or using biometrics for fingerprint recognition.


Display a range of policies, such as health and safety, privacy, or safeguarding policies for acceptance when signing in.

Photo & Signature Capture

Capture clear visitor photos and signatures during sign in for security purposes.

Custom Questions

Collect a variety of information from your visitors by customising your own questions to ask when signing in or out. For example, you could ask about how your visitor travelled to your organisation, if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, or simply collect their feedback on their visit. Answers can be collected in a variety of ways, such as multi-select boxes, radio buttons, open text, or a number range.


Set entry requirements for your visitors to meet before they can proceed with their visit, such as requiring proof of vaccination.

Pre-book Visitors

Pre-booking visitors allows you to actively manage your visitor experience. With a few simple clicks, a visitor can be booked in prior to their arrival. They will receive a professional welcome email advising them of their visit, an iCal attachment to add the appointment to their own calendar and a QR code on their smartphone to scan upon arrival, for a smooth sign-in experience.


EntrySign has a variety of languages to choose from, allowing your visitors to sign in with their preferred option.

Real-time Data

With EntrySign’s Back Office Suite (BOS), data can be viewed in real-time and reports created in seconds. That’s instant access to exactly who is, who isn’t and who has been on your site in real-time.


EntrySign has a variety of reporting features built-in to the system, providing the information you require. Run your own reports and apply filters to your data to find specific information in seconds with just a few simple clicks.

Time & Attendance

It’s easy to report on time and attendance for known users of the EntrySign system. This includes staff, authorised visitors, contractors and pupils. Easily report on who was where, when and for how long with just a few simple clicks.

Pre-book Visitors

Pre-booking visitors allows you to actively manage your visitor experience. With a few simple clicks, a visitor can be booked in prior to their arrival. They will receive a professional welcome email advising them of their visit, an iCal attachment to add the appointment to their own calendar and a QR code which they can bring along with them on their smartphone when they arrive and simply scan to sign in.

EntrySign Live

EntrySign Live is a revolutionary, cloud-based, evacuation roll call service, providing access to real-time data from any device. There is no need to download and configure any apps, simply open a browser and data is available when you need it.

Fire Evacuation

EntrySign can be pre-configured to print and/or email your evacuation reports at the touch of a button. Designated staff can have the evacuation report emailed to them in an emergency, or the report can be sent to print to your nominated printer in seconds. EntrySign also has a fire alarm terminal available, that wires directly into your fire alarm system, automating the evacuation procedure when the fire alarm is activated.

GDPR Data Sanitisation

Using our GDPR features, we have made it easy to find the relevant information if you need to provide data for subject access requests. There is also the functionality to sanitise data at the click of a button if needed. Visitors can be asked whether they consent to having their personal data stored and we can configure the system to automatically remove personally identifiable information, such as names, photos and signatures too.


EntrySign can display a range of policies for users to read and accept during sign-in. These could be visitor policies, health and safety statements, GDPR policies, emergency evacuation plans, photographs of important people (for example, fire marshals and health and safety personnel) and much more.

DDA Compliance

Ask visitors if they need any assistance in an emergency. Visitors who require assistance will be highlighted on your evacuation list. EntrySign can also send a notification to a designated staff member.

Integration Options

EntrySign can integrate with many different systems to minimise and automate manual tasks. We integrate with Active Directory, door access control, and management information systems, to push and pull user data and dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual processing.

MIS Integration

EntrySign integrates with all popular school management systems, making admin a breeze and ensuring registers are always up-to-date.


The restful API provides the functionality to create and write your own integrations to work with EntrySign.

RFID Integration

We can usually integrate with your existing RFID technology for known users to sign in or out, saving you a lot of administration time and cost.

Door Access Control Integration

EntrySign has direct integrations with Paxton and STANLEY door access control systems to send open commands to doors. User data is pushed and pulled between the systems using our real-time clock-in service, which pulls the sign-in and out information from the door access control readers. Door access control integration is really useful as it connects your systems to save you from duplicating tasks and managing two separate systems.

Intuitive Design

EntrySign is designed to make the user experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. Clean design, simple navigation, clear direction and an easy-to-use keyboard create a streamlined and intuitive visitor experience.

Theming & Branding

EntrySign is a bespoke solution, designed and themed to compliment your brand. In-house graphic designers create a unique front screen with your logo, branding and colour scheme. The sign-in process can be themed with a choice of button styles and colours. Email notifications can also be customised.

Kiosk Customisation

EntrySign kiosks can be branded with your logo and ordered in a colour of your choice to fit seamlessly into your reception areas.

ID Card Design

When ordering ID cards through our bureau service, our designers create a template to compliment your screen design and brand.


EntrySign has a variety of languages to choose from, allowing your visitors to sign in with their preferred option.

Touch-Free Sign-In

Touch-free sign-in enables visitors to use their smartphone or tablet to enter their details to sign in to your system, completely contact-free. No need to join wireless networks, just a simple, fast and safe sign-in process. Staff can also sign in touch-free with RFID cards, tokens and fobs.

Smart Sanitiser

EntrySign can be connected to our smart automatic hand sanitiser to ask staff and visitors to sanitise their hands during sign-in. This ensures that everyone entering your organisation sanitises their hands upon entry, to help reduce the spread of germs.

Body Temperature Checking

Temperature screening can be integrated into your sign-in process, helping to detect elevated body temperature. This provides an extra level of screening for your staff and visitors.

Capacity Management

Set building occupancy limits and automatically space out visitor arrival times to ensure your organisation has a healthy flow of visitors.

Contact Tracing

If notified of a COVID-19 case, EntrySign’s contact tracing feature helps to identify which staff and visitors could be at risk by showing who was in the building at the same time, attended the same meeting, or signed in at the same screen.

Screening Questions & Requirements

Create your own set of screening questions to ask staff, visitors and contractors during sign-in, such as asking about COVID-19 symptoms, or negative test results. You can also set specific requirements for entry, such as requiring proof of vaccination.

Arrival Notifications

Meeting hosts can receive an SMS and email notification immediately when their visitor completes the sign-in process. Notifications contain all of their details and a photograph for easy identification.

Pre-booking Notifications

Visitors will receive a notification when they are pre-booked into the system. This email can contain iCal attachments, QR codes to speed up the sign-in process and PDF documents for sending maps, pre-approval questionnaires, or parking permits.

EntrySign Live Web-App

EntrySign Live’s simple web-app is easy-to-use and can be accessed on virtually any device with an internet connection and web browser. EntrySign Live provides an electronic copy of your roll call in the cloud, accessible on demand.

My EntrySign App

The My EntrySign app can be installed on staff devices to provide quick and easy sign-in using their mobile phone. My EntrySign also allows staff to pre-book visitors and see which colleagues are currently signed in.

EntrySign Visitor App

The EntrySign Visitor app provides a quick and convenient sign-in for people who regularly visit multiple sites, by pre-populating information, e.g. name, company, vehicle registration and more.

Remote Sign-In App

The Remote Sign-In app allows your staff to check in wherever they are working. Define specific work locations using geofencing, or record the exact location at sign-in.

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