When entering your organisation, ensure staff and visitors are sufficiently screened to help keep your premises and people safe.

Keeping The Workplace Moving

Add an extra level of protection and ensure everyone is adequately screened with EntrySign’s comprehensive range of infection control features.

Touch-Free Sign-In

Touch-free sign-in is quick, easy and convenient. It helps to reduce the spread of germs as visitors can sign in on their own mobile, or tablet device, without touching the EntrySign screen. They simply scan a QR code on the screen to start the touch-free sign-in process. Staff can also sign in touch-free with contactless RFID cards, token and fobs.

Smart Sanitiser

Our smart automatic sanitiser helps to enforce good hygiene when people arrive or depart your workplace. Connected directly to your EntrySign system, you can make hand sanitising an integral part of the sign-in process. Politely request sanitising as part of your sign-in or sign-out procedure, whilst maintaining a full record for reporting and auditing purposes.

Body Temperature Checking

An elevated body temperature can be an indication of infectious disease. Quick and easy temperature screening can help to ensure this does not go undetected. If a higher than normal temperature is detected, a staff member can be notified and sign-in can be denied if required. Temperature checking can be integrated into the staff and visitor sign-in process.

Automatic Door Handle Disinfection

Door handles are havens for germs and bacteria and can pose a health risk to people in your organisation. 99Point9 is an automatic door handle disinfection system, with a tested and approved hospital-grade disinfectant mist. With many people passing through your organisation every day, 99point9 ensures door handles stay clean and safe to use all day long. 99point9 is an effective solution to work with EntrySign’s visitor screening and infection control range to improve hygiene and safety in your workplace.

Screen, Space & Trace

EntrySign makes administering your sign-in system easy, allowing you to monitor who is on-site in real-time and manage capacity. Quickly and instantly view sanitising and temperature records, screening questions, produce contact tracing reports and much more.

Screening Questions & Requirements

Create screening questions for your visitors, such as asking about COVID-19 symptoms. Entry requirements can also be defined, such as proof of a recent negative test result, or vaccination status.

iPad showing EntrySign's building capacity limit feature

Capacity Management

Set site occupancy limits and automatically stagger visitor arrival times. If a building reaches capacity, EntrySign can notify staff and even restrict sign-ins.

Laptop screen showing EntrySign's contact tracing dashboard

Contact Tracing

In the event of a suspected or confirmed case, EntrySign will produce a report of who was in the building at the same time, attended the same meeting and more.

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